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Indians making the unbelievable come true

09/12/2017, 10:48am EDT

On verge of 20 game streak, Tribe making history right before our eyes

Cleveland Indians' Francisco Lindor, right, and Yandy Diaz (36) celebrate a 11-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Monday in Cleveland. ASSOCIATED PRESS

In a world in which “unbelievable” has become cliché, it's the honest truth that the Cleveland Indians' 19-game winning streak simply defies belief.

A lot of baseball has been played in our country over the past 100 years, and only three previous teams in that span have won 19 games in a row. The simple probability a team could win that many is 1 in 524,288; 20 makes it 1 in a million.

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So we're starting from the conceit history has been unfolding in front of our eyes. But what has been most impressive is how routine the whole thing has unfolded.

Baseball is the flukiest of major sports; a team is considered legendary if it wins 70 percent of its games, a mark blown by with regularity in the NBA and NFL. A hot pitcher or well-placed ground ball can make the difference.

But the Indians — or WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWindians, as they’ve become on social media, each “W” added a victory at a time — have left little doubt of their dominance, hitting more home runs than the opposition has scored runs. As a team, Cleveland has hit like Mickey Mantle in his prime and pitched like Pedro Martinez. Cleveland has rarely trailed, posting as many wins by nine runs or more as two runs or one.

It is well known Cleveland owns baseball's longest streak without a World Series. Now, 69 years after the team beat the Boston Braves for the 1948 crown, the Indians have again written history.

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