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Hens' Hessman will not play tonight

06/02/2014, 12:00am EDT

Toledo slugger set to return Tuesday after pre-cancerous growths removed

Hens' Hessman will not play tonight

Mike Hessman will not be in the Mud Hens lineup for Monday’s game against Charlotte after a local doctor removed pre-cancerous growths from his nose and forehead earlier in the day.

Hessman said he showed doctors a “bump” on his nose that did not heal during a spring training physical.

“In spring training the doctors told me to have it looked at, because it might be the start of skin cancer,” Hessman said. “I had the appointment last Friday, and after taking a sample the doctor said it was the start of skin cancer.”

Hessman had the lesion removed from his nose as well as a spot on his forehead.

“The doctor said they got all of the cancer,” Hessman said.

Hessman, whose 258 career home runs in International League play have him tied for the league record, said he expects to return to the Toledo lineup Tuesday when the team begins a series in Buffalo.

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