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2 alive for March Madness Mr. Freeze treat

04/03/2014, 12:00am EDT
2 in running for tasty treat

Matt Thompson

We are down to the final weekend of the NCAA tournament and Florida is the only bright spot in several picks in my March Madness Mr. Freeze competition.

Perrysburg Councilman Todd Grayson and Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler both picked Florida to win, but Mr. Hosler has the leg up in his bracket picks as he also selected Wisconsin to be in the Final Four too.


Right now, Rose Mills, visual and graphic design specialist at Way Public Library, is tied in the lead with Mr. Hosler picking two Final Four teams. She has Florida losing the title game, so if Florida loses at any point, she and Mr. Hosler will tie. If Florida wins it all, Mr. Hosler will narrowly beat Mr. Grayson.

Mr. Hosler and Ms. Mills will have to submit their prediction for the total points scored in the championship game in case there is a tie. But at this point, everyone but Mr. Hosler and Ms. Mills have been eliminated for the Mr. Freeze treat.

I started this contest to get some community members involved and have fun looking stupid by picking Final Four predictions before the NCAA tournament. Anyone could comment in picks too, and 10 did so. I'll deliver the winner a Mr. Freeze treat next week in his or her office - which will either be at Perrysburg Schools admin building or across the street at Way Public Library.


Mr. Hosler has four points, and 10 points available to earn.

Ms. Mills has four points, and four points to earn.

Mr. Grayson has two points, and 10 more points to earn.

Perrysburg High School Principal Michael Short has two points, and no more points available to earn.

Owens Community College Athletic Director Rudy Yovich has two points, and no more points to earn.

Rick Finch, director at Fort Meigs, and Rosanna Violi, assistant to Perrysburg Township administrator, had no correct Final Four picks.

I have two points, and four more points to earn.

Sadly, two readers who weighed in after I announced the contest with their Final Four brackets have now been mathematically eliminated. One did pick Wisconsin, however. Nick Pelon, a Michigan resident who posted his Final Four picks in a reader comment, has four points, but no more points left to earn. If Florida loses Saturday he will tie Ms. Mills and Mr. Hosler, but since he is a friend of mine from high school, he is not in the running for Mr. Freeze.

Good luck to Ms. Mills and Mr. Hosler heading into the final three games of the tournament.

Thanks to all for playing.

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