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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what is on BCSN?

BCSN provides daily and weekly programming schedules on our website. The daily programming rundown is listed under “BCSN Daily Schedule” on the home page. The weekly programming grid can be found on the “BCSN schedules” page. You can view the grid by clicking on the date of the week you are looking for (requires Adobe Acrobat reader). Whenever a programming change is made, BCSN updates both the daily and weekly schedules during our normal business hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm - Monday through Friday. BCSN programming is subject to change without notice.

Can I purchase a copy of a production?

Yes, virtually all BCSN events and shows are available for purchase. All program orders MUST BE placed over the phone at 419-724-BCSN (2276).
*All requests for Mud Hens Baseball productions must be submitted to the Toledo Mud Hens at 419-725-4367, extension 176. 

How can I get BCSN to cover an event?

Please submit your event request by email at or mail at BCSN Event Request, 115 S. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH 43615. Make sure to include the event schedule, location, organization or league information, the teams and/or players involved, and contact information for the event. By submitting your request, BCSN will include your event for consideration. Due to the amount of requests that BCSN receives, we cannot guarantee that your event will be covered. We will be in contact if, and only if your event is added to our production schedule.

I missed an event replay on TV. Can I find it any where else?

Yes, there are two great ways to watch events! You can visit and click on TV Schedules and see if the event will replay again on BCSN, BCSN 2 or BCSN Erie for the current week. The other option is to order the event on DVD. Go to the Home page, and then click on Order DVD’s, then click on the event you would like to order and from there follow the instructions to place your order. You can also call 419-724-2276 and order a DVD over the phone.

How do I get a job on BCSN?

If you are interested in a crew or talent position at BCSN, please submit your resume and demo reel (if available) to the following address:

BCSN Employment
115 S. Reynolds Rd.
Toledo, OH 43615.