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Back 2 School

Go Back To School

With BCSN and Tom Cole

For the fifth straight year, BCSN is excited to go “Back 2 School” with on-air personality, Tom Cole.


BCSN’s “Back 2 School” Program has visited nearly 50 local schools and brings along the message of team work, determination and positivity in the classroom, on the field and in life.


Who: Your students and faculty, plus Tom Cole, and other BCSN personalities, including Greg Franke or Ken Watlington. Groups can range from 50-350 students. 

What: Meet with 6th-8th grade students to talk about various aspects of BCSN. Students can ask questions about the channel and find out what it takes to be part of the crew! Hear stories and advice from the BCSN talent and listen as Tom talks about the importance of respect, an education, and using life lessons to grow and be successful. Of course, we bring along a few goodies for students! 

Where: YOUR School! 

When: Anytime during the school day that is convenient for your class. The program will run about an hour in length. 

Most Importantly, Why: BCSN has the privilege of watching talented student-athletes in our area for the past 7 years. Behind all of these athletes are the hardworking parents, teachers and school faculty that do their best to educate the children in our community. Here at BCSN we want to reach out beyond the television and do our part to help local schools by supporting teachers and parents. After listening to our program, many students enjoyed the message and felt encouraged to strive for achievement in the classroom and in life. 

This school year invite Tom Cole and BCSN to your school! The size, age range, and length of our program can be adjusted to fit your class and time requirements.

Fill out the interest form and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

What are faculty & staff saying about their "Back 2 School" experience?

"The more people that impress this positive message upon our children, especially figures they respect, the better chance it will have an impact."

“I would have this program back at our school. I can see how every age would benefit from Mr. Cole and Mr. Franke's presentation. Many adults in the audience found their presentation to be very uplifting. This is the best presentation I have ever had.”

“The panel was well versed, practical, motivational, and engaging. They said what we teachers say, but in a different way which gave the girls extra incentive to want to do well on whatever they choose to do.”

“I liked Mr. Cole explaining to the students that there is no such thing as failure. To try something and make a mistake is a learning experience not a failure. The students really related to this and mentioned it when we got back to class.”

BCSN Youth Report Assignments

Once the “Back 2 School” Program visits your school, students have the chance to be the next youth reporter for BCSN. These reporters can submit an article telling us what is great about their school. Check out the latest articles from the BCSN Youth Reporter!


Anissa Hall 
Mary Immaculate School - 8th Grade
There are many different things I like about my school. One thing I like about my school is our school theme called, “Bucket Filling.” The idea is that everyone walks around with an invisible bucket. If your bucket is full that mean you are happy and if it is empty that means you are either sad or mad. Bucket filling is when everyone tries to fill everyone else’s bucket with positive words or by doing something nice for them. When you say negative things you are dipping out of their bucket and even yours. We try very hard to make sure that everyone in our school has a full bucket. Positive people with full buckets are one thing I like about my school.